Functional Material Processing Laboratory

T. Terajima

Takeshi Terajima
(Associate Professor)

Office: 6-403 Ext.: 3372 Laboratory: 5-132 Ext.: 3064


03/2005, Engineering Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

03/2002, Engineering M.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Field

Material engineering

Research Overview

Non-equilibrium materials, Joining and welding, Material processing

Research Subjects

    Development of new functional bulk amorphous alloy (bulk metallic glass), Welding of metallic glass


Recent researches focused on bulk amorphous alloy, which is generally called “metallic glass”. Research fields cover not only development of new alloy but also its material processing, joining, welding and industrial application (fig.1). Metallic glass possess unique properties such as high mechanical strength, low elastic coefficient, small solidification shrinkage, and high resistance to corrosion. These properties originated from its amorphous structure and are not found in crystalline alloys. Usually, various metallic glasses exhibit a large viscous flow at the supercooled liquid region. The utilization of the flow enables the fabrication of metallic glasses in the form of three-dimentional shapes such as semi spheres and small gears. These features open up new areas of applications as next-generation engineering material.  

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Japan Institute of Metals, The Society of Materials Science Japan, Institute of Applied Plasma Science, The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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