Aerospace Structure Laboratory

A. Takano

Atsushi Takano
(Associate Professor)

Office: 6-402 Ext.: 3371 Laboratory: 6-107 Ext.: 3301


11/2009, Ph.D., The University of Tokyo

03/1999, M.S., The University of Tokyo

Research Field

Spacecraft Structure, Structural Design, Mechanics of Materials, Statistical Prediction of Strength.

Research Overview

Investigation of buckling and brazier instability. Design and analysis of adhesive joints and bolted joints. Development of statistical methods for material and structural strength. Design and development of micro-rockets.

Research Subjects

  • 1. Structural analysis and design.
  • 2. Composite structure and testing.
  • 3. Bolted joints.
  • 4. Statistical analysis.


Aircraft and spacecraft design

Aircraft and spacecraft require light, reliable structures, and thus structure design must be improved. Although computational analysis has advanced, there are still no satisfactory design criteria for predicting buckling of thin-walled structures, and bolted and adhesive joints for composites and honeycomb sandwich panels. We are currently tackling this area of research.

Statistical prediction for material and structure strength

A- and B-basis values are used to predict whether a material is suitable for aircraft and spacecraft structures; however, there is no statistical method for evaluating the differences between calculated and experimental results, similar to buckling. Hence, we are developing statistical methods that can be applied to materials and structures.

Design and development of micro-rockets

University labs have developed and launched micro-satellites by piggybacking on large rockets. There are limited opportunities for launch using this method. We are developing micro-rockets for micro-satellites to allow cheaper, faster launches.

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Society of Material Science.

Current members
◯ Assistant Professors: 1
◯ Undergraduates: 12

Facilities:Tensile testing machine (10 kN and 0.5 kN). Carbon fiber reinforced plastic oven (130 °C, 1500 × 650 × 400 mm).