Thermal Energy Engineering Laboratory

H. Ito

Hiroyuki Ito
(Associate Professor)

Office: 8-515 Ext.: 3436 Laboratory: 8-45-1 Ext.: 3427


03/1995, Ph.D., Hokkaido University

03/1992, M.S., Hokkaido University

Research Field

Combustion Engineering, Thermal Engineering.

Research Overview

Studying combustion characteristics of highly densified biomass briquettes and the influence of non-equilibrium plasma on biomass cracking. Developing optical measurements of soot in diffusion flames.


Combustion of Highly Densified Biomass Briquettes

Biomass fuels have attracted much attention because they can reduce fossil fuel consumption, helping to prevent global warming. There are few studies of combustion of biomass briquettes and pellets and instruments for its measurement, whereas there are many studies assessing the cost and efficiency of pelletizing and briquetting. In particular,the combustion of highly densified biomass briquettes, which have great advantages in storage and transport, should be investigated. In this laboratory, we are developing a new combustion method that can control the combustion rate of biomass briquettes based on producing biomass briquettes of different shapes. The combustion characteristics of the method have been investigated.

Optical Measurement of Soot in Diffusion Flames

Lasers are generally used as a light source to evaluate the soot volume fraction in the diffusion flame. LEDs, which are more convenient than lasers, have been used even though it is unknown whether LEDs give the same results as lasers. We are investigating the validity and measurement characteristics of LED light sources.

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Combustion Society of Japan, The Japan Institute of Energy (Biomass Division), Japan Society for Design Engineering.

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