Thermal Science Laboratory

Y. Haramura

Yoshihiko Haramura

Office: 23-509 Ext.: 3757


03/1984, Ph.D., The University of Tokyo

03/1981, M.S., The University of Tokyo

T. Arima

Takashi Arima
(Assistant Professor)

Laboratory: 23-503 Ext.: 3752


03/2013, Ph.D., Nagoya Institute of Technology

03/2010, M.S., Nagoya Institute of Technology

Research Field

Boiling Heat Transfer, Thermal Science and Engineering.

Research Overview

Investigating the critical heat flux of boiling, heat transfer in transition boiling, design parameters of Stirling cycle machines, and the theoretical and numerical study of non-equilibrium fluids.

Research Subjects

  • 1.Heat transfer mechanisms in high-heat flux boiling.
  • 2.Heat transfer characteristics of transition boiling.
  • 3.Linear and non-linear wave propagation in non-equilibrium gas.


We have investigated the heat transfer mechanism in transition boiling where dry and wet areas coexist. Solving on inverse heat conduction problem, local heat fluxes were estimated from temperature histories at multiple locations. A number of thermocouples were created in a single plane by diffusion bonding (Fig. 1). This type of junction is stress-proof and has a high response. Figure 2 shows the behavior of liquid on the surface as the system pressure decreased suddenly and a single vapor bubble covered the surface. Figure 3 shows the variation in heat flux. The contribution of the triple contact line, which is the boundary between liquid and vapor phases on the surface, is about 24 kW per unit length of the contact line and per unit temperature difference.

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

Y. Haramura:
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Society of Japan, Japan Society of Design Engineering.

T. Arima:
Physical Society of Japan, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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