Manufacturing Systems Engineering Laboratory

K. Nakashima

Kenichi Nakashima

Office: 23-413-1 Ext.: 3721


03/2015, Ph.D., Tohoku University

03/1995, Ph.D., Nagoya Institute of Technology

03/1992, M.S., Nagoya Institute of Technology

K. Sato

Kimitoshi Sato
(Assistant Professor)

Laboratory: 23-413 Ext.: 3722


03/2010, Ph.D., Nanzan University

03/2007, M.S., Nanzan University

Research Field

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Research Overview

Our laboratory focuses on studies in production management systems that take into account uncertainty.

Research Subjects

  • 1.Just-in-time and lean production systems.
  • 2.Kaizen (continuous improvement) and quality management.
  • 3. Environmentally conscious systems.
  • 4. Supply chain management.
  • 5. Optimal inventory control.
  • 6. Service management.
  • 7. Optimal pricing.


The Manufacturing Systems Engineering Laboratory is engaged in research related to developing production and service management systems. It is common for companies involved in a traditional supply chain to collect and reprocess used products. We are striving to establish appropriate systems that increase profitability by reducing transportation, inventory, and environmental costs, and to explore the best way to achieve environmentally friendly manufacturing and human-friendly service.

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  • 2) K. Nakashima and S. M. Gupta, “A study on the risk management of multi Kanban System in a closed loop supply chain,” International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 139, pp. 65–68 (2012).
  • 3) K. Sato and K. Sawaki, “The dynamic pricing for callable securities with Markov-modulated prices,” Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan, vol. 57(3-4), pp. 87–103 (2014).
  • 4)K. Sato and K. Sawaki, “A continuous-time dynamic pricing model knowing the competitor's pricing strategy,” European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 229, pp. 223–229 (2013).
Affiliated Academic Organizations

K. Nakashima:
Japan Industrial Management Association, The Japanese Society for Quality Control, The Operations Research Society of Japan, Japan Society for Information and Management, Japan Association for Management Systems, etc.

K. Sato:
The Operations Research Society of Japan, Japan Industrial Management Association, Nippon Finance Association,Japan Association of Real Options and Strategy

Current members
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◯ Postgraduates: 1 ◯ Undergraduates: 17