Information and Mathematical Systems Laboratory

N. Ishii

Nobuaki Ishii

Office: 23-532-1 Ext.: 3779


09/1995, Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

M. Nishikawa

Masahiro Nishikawa
(Research Associate)

Laboratory: 23-532, 533 Ext.: 3781


09/1998, Ph.D., Shizuoka University

Research Field

System Lifecycle Management, Project Management, Production Technology

Research Subjects

  • 1) Program and Project Management.
  • 2) Management of System Development Process.
  • 3) Corporate Performance Evaluation
  • 4) Supply chain visualization system
  • 5) Production System Analysis and Kaizen.


Our society has evolved over many years by repeating system lifecycles consisting of finding and solving social problems, opportunities, and requirements, as shown in Figure 1. The Information and Mathematical Systems Laboratory is engaged in the scientific and engineering research for finding and solving social problems from the system lifecycle points of view so as to contribute to the sustainable social progress. Namely, we make studies on the several topics for the creation of new systems, such as the systems analysis and modeling to describe and identify the to-be model of new systems, the performance evaluation systems to measure the performance of systems, and management systems to use the developed systems effectively. In addition, we study project management to create new systems effectively under the constraints, such as human resources, funds, and time. Regarding the maintenance and support of production systems, we make studies on the process analysis and Kaizen, including the line control systems and the operation algorithm of AS/RS, for improving the productivity and cost reduction of production systems. In addition, we will work on the supply chain visualization system that control the production, sales, and inventory through the supply chain, by using the IoT technology. As the development of equipment related to welfare, we will make studies on the safety improvement of the wheelchair.

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  • 2)Takano, Y., Ishii, N., Muraki, M., Multi-period resource allocation for estimating project costs in competitive bidding, Central European Journal of Operations Research, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 47-56(2016).
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  • 4) Ishii, N., Takano, Y., Muraki, M., An order acceptance strategy under limited engineering man-hours for cost estimation in Engineering-Procurement-Construction projects, International Journal of Project Management, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp. 519-528 (2014).
Affiliated Academic Organizations

N. Ishii:
Japan Industrial Management Association, Society of Project Management, Information Systems Society of Japan.

M. Nishikawa:
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

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