Computational Intelligence Laboratory

M. Akiyoshi

Masanori Akiyoshi

Office: 23-528 Ext.: 3775


03/1996, D.Eng., Kyoto University

03/1987, M.Eng., Kyoto University


Hisashi Murakami
(Associate Professor)

Office: 23-529 Ext.:3776


03/2015, D.Sci., Kobe University

03/2012, M.S., Kobe University

Research Field

Artificial Intelligence, System Science.

Research Overview

Development of ease-of-use computational intelligence such as collaborative agents.

Research Subjects

  • 1. Organizational learning framework.
  • 2. Cloud-based e-learning.
  • 3. Bio-inspired systems.


Improvements in computing power and network infrastructure allow us to use computers for many everyday tasks. For instance, smartphones are used for communication and business with word processing, presentations, and e-mail, which increases our productivity. In addition, computers are expected to enhance our intelligence. Collective intelligence, based on a network infrastructure and machine learning using massive computation, is being developed. Our work focuses on the emergence of collective intelligence in organizational learning frameworks, cloud-based e-learning with individual adaptation and crowdsourcing, and robust systems inspired by collective animal behavior. We collaborate with companies and other research organizations to verify our research.

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

M. Akiyoshi:IEEE, Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence, Information Processing Society of Japan.
H. Murakami:Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Japan Ethological Society, Biophysical Society of Japan.

Current members
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◯ Undergraduates: 11