Semiconductor Engineering Laboratory

S. Yamaguchi

Shigeo Yamaguchi

Office: 23-511 Ext.: 3759


03/1997, Ph.D., Kyoto University

03/1993, M.S., Kyoto University


Seiji Yoneda
(Associate Professor)

Laboratory: 23-630 Ext.: 3818


03/2000, Ph.D., Keio University

Research Field

Materials Science and Engineering.

Research Overview

Semiconductor-related devices.

Research Subjects

Development of devices and systems integrating inorganic and organic materials.


Figure 1 shows a photograph of our Peltier device embedded in a thermal cycler. The P- and N-type thermoelectric bulks are located between Cu heat sinks, which also serve as electrodes. Our device has a copper well block placed between the P- and N-type bulks. The well block is formed by transforming an electrode so that it partially protrudes from the matrix bulks, and the well block is used to cool or heat objects directly.

Figure 2 shows our Peltier device set in a thermal cycler that is electrically connected to a temperature controller and a power supply. To induce the Peltier device radiation, water flows through the copper electrodes. The power supply, which is a driver for our Peltier device, was laboratory-built to make it suitable for the low voltage and high current required by the device.

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  • 2) S. Yamaguchi, T. Suzuki, K. Inoue, and Y. Azumi, “DC-driven thermoelectric Peltier device for a precise PCR system,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 54, 057001-1 (2015).
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Affiliated Academic Organizations

S. Yamaguchi:
Japan Society of Applied Physics, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

S. Yoneda:
American Physical Society, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan, The Ecomaterials Forum, The Society of Non-Traditional Technology, Materials Science Society of Japan, Information Processing Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

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◯ Postgraduates: 1 ◯ Undergraduates: 14

Facilities:RF & DC sputtering system, microchip electrophoresis system for DNA/RNA analysis, Real-time PCR system, IR microscope, Thermal cycler