Biophysics Laboratory

Y. Usami

Yoshiyuki Usami
(Associate Professor)

Office: 6-105 Ext.: 3219,3300


03/1990, D. Science., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Field

Biophysics, Mathematical Biology, Nonlinear Physics, Hydrodinamics, Neural Network, AI, Deep Learning

Research Overview

Our works originally started from molecular science. Chemical Physics was our scientific interest such as molecular dynamics and quantum chemistry. Next of our scientific concern shifted to statistical physics and related topics. Fractal, chaos and neural network. Recent our research theme are biophysics. 2002 when a theory is published that stated on limited capacity of locomotion ability of T.rex . Then, we started to check basic biomechanics of the musculoskeletal of human. Over 110 references on muscle kinematics are investigated. Next, we present the result of detailed calculation on the possibility of fast running of T.rex. 3D computer mass analysis for various dinosaurs is also achieved using 3D laser scanner. Daspratesaurs are Edmontosaurs are currently investigated Swimming pattern of extinct animal Anomalocaris which lived in Cambrian period that was dated at 520 millions years ago. Back to our 20 years ago theme, we currently study on neural networks. Those are due to the recent research big-bang on deep learning and AI.

Research Subjects

1. Biomechanics for bipedal animals of extinct dinosaurs and extant human.
2. Solving Navier-Stokes equation numerically, we analyze swimming patterns of extinct animals such as Anomalocaris which lived 520 million years ago.
3. Optimization problem of so called NP complete such as traveling salesman problem. Statistical method called real space renormalization are used.
4. Neural networks. Deep learning used in the field of AI research are investigated.
5. Computer Graphics. Lost world of Cambrian sea and Mesozoic sea are visually reconstructed using 3D-studio MAX. Devices of multiple display are constructed for viewing those ultra resolution computer graphics.

  • 1) Y.Usami and R. Kinugasa, A Possiblity of Fast Running of Tyrannosaurus. to be published on DEStech Transactions on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Automation (2017).
  • 2) R.Kinugasa and Y. Usami, How Fast Can a Human Run? − Bipedal vs. Quadrupedal Running,Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, (2016;4)56. doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2016.00056.
  • 3) Y.Usami, Biomechanics for Bipedal Dinosaurs, (Y.Usami) Createspace, (2014).
  • 4) Y.Usami, Evolutionary computation strategy is superior than simulated annealing for obtaining running motion of dinosaur, Proceedings of ECTA2014 Rome.
Affiliated Academic Organizations

Y. Usami, Japan Physical Soc., Soc. Math. Biol. Jpn., Soc. Paleontology Jpn.

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Three of 80inch display and projection system.