Biological and Environmental Measurement Laboratory

T. Tsuchiya

Takenobu Tsuchiya
(Associate Professor)

Laboratory: 23-515 Ext.: 373


10/2005, Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

03/1996, M.S., Kanagawa University

Research Field

Applications of Ultrasonic Measurement Technology, Medical Ultrasonics, Underwater Acoustics.

Research Overview

Research on the fundamentals and applications of ultrasonic measurement technology. Analysis and measurement of sound propagation in humans and oceans. Development of an acoustic camera with a lens for use in oceans.

Research Subjects

Simulation of sound propagation in oceans, and development of an analytical method for sound propagation, Development of a method for estimating temperature rises in the human body. Development of an acoustical camera with a lens.


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Affiliated Academic Organizations

T. Tsuchiya:
Acoustical Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine, The Marine Acoustic Society of Japan, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Acoustical Society of America.

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Facilities: Acoustic intensity measurement system, scanning laser Doppler system, ultrasound diagnostic imaging system.