Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

H. Toyoshima

Hisamichi Toyoshima

Office: 23-625 Ext.: 3814


03/1993, Ph.D., Keio University

03/1990, M.S., Keio University

T. Hiraoka

Takaharu Hiraoka
(Associate Professor)

Laboratory: 23-622 Ext.: 3811


09/2009, Ph.D., Kanagawa University

03/1996, M.S., Kanagawa University

Research Field

Digital Circuits, High-frequency Circuits, Signal Processing and Intelligent Optimization Algorithms.

Research Overview

Fundamental and applied research into digital signal processing hardware and software.

Research Subjects

  • 1. Optimal design of digital circuits and high-frequency circuits with optimization algorithms.
  • 2. Hardware algorithms for combinatorial optimization.
  • 3. Applications of digital signal processing to financial markets.
  • 4. Analysis and design of microwave circuits based on electromagnetic field theory.
  • 5. Development of microwave circuit and EM field simulators.
  • 6. Wireless power transmission technology for high-frequency circuits.


Our research interests focus on digital circuits and high frequency circuits. We are also developing the following application systems.

  • 1. Using intelligent optimization algorithms for the optimal design of digital circuits to produce digital circuits for hardware and software automatically without professional design skills.
  • 2. Analyzing and designing microwave circuits and millimeter wave circuits for information and communication technologies and wireless power transmission technologies by using 3D electromagnetic field theory.
  • 3. Modeling time-series data of stock and foreign exchange markets by using digital signal processing techniques. This work can be applied to predicting financial markets and producing artificial financial time-series data.
  • 1) M. Nakayama, T. Sasaki, and H. Toyoshima, “A fast circuit synthesis module for design of multiple constant multiplication circuits using FPGAs,” IEICE Electronics Express, vol. 6(7), pp. 430–436 (2009).
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T. Hiraoka: IEICE

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