Electronic Circuits Engineering Laboratory

T. Shima

Takeshi Shima

Office: 23-614 Ext.: 3802

e-mail: shima@kanagawa-u.ac.jp

06/1986, Dr. Eng., Tohoku University

A. Saitou

Atsushi Saitou
(Assistant Professor)

Office: 23-617 Ext.: 3805

e-mail: atsushi-saitou@kanagawa-u.ac.jp

09/2015, Dr. Eng., Yamagata University

Research Field

T. Shima: Electronic Engineering.
A. Saitou: Electrical Engineering and MOT.

Research Overview

Research on CMOS analog integrated circuits and bioelectronics.

Research Subjects

  • 1. Wide-band amplifiers.
  • 2. High-speed analog-digital converters.
  • 3. Bio-sensor circuits and networks.
  • 4. Switched-capacitor circuits.
  • 5. Filters.


Research on analog CMOS integrated circuits.

Analog integrated circuits have been used in electronic devices, such as electronic parts in vehicles, communication devices, and auxiliary peripherals to improve our quality of life. Analog integrated circuits play an important role as an interface with the natural world in signal processing. We believe that improving circuit building blocks, such as oscillators, operational amplifiers, operational transconductance amplifier, voltage references, and DC-DC converters, is essential for improving the performance of analog integrated circuits. Therefore, our research is focused on developing and improving the building blocks of analog circuits. The figures above show our novel beta multiplier reference.

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Facilities:Spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, lock-in amplifier, impedance analyzer, microscope, gain-phase analyzer, logic analyzer, board manufacturing machine.