Future Energy Technologies Laboratory

N. Matsuki

Nobuyuki Matsuki
(Associate Professor)

Office: 23-514 Ext.: 3762


09/2000, Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

03/1997, M.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology

T. Sato

Tomomasa Sato
(Research Associate)

Laboratory: 23-603 Ext.: 3792


03/1989, M.S., Kanagawa University

Research Field

Energy Conversion Devices, Thin-film Electronic Materials, Solid-state Electronics.

Research Overview

Development of photovoltaic devices, flexible electronic devices, sustainable functional thin-film materials, innovative thin-film fabrication processes, and thin-film characterization techniques.

Research Subjects

  • (1) Perovskite/poly-Si heterojunction solar cells.
  • (2) π-conjugated polymer/inorganic semiconductor heterojunction photovoltaic devices.
  • (3) Thin-film electronic devices on flexible substrates.
  • (4) External-field-assisted deposition.
  • (5) Electron-field-emission light-emitting devices.


Global environmental destruction and climate change problems caused by mass consumption of fossil fuels have become critical as the global population has grown exponentially. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop alternative energy sources to build sustainable societies.
We are developing innovative technologies for harnessing various renewable energy sources. The energy conversion devices on which we particularly focus are that generate electricity from solar light (solar cells) and solar thermal energy, and that can harvest small amounts of energy, such as waste light, waste heat, and vibration, from domestic and public environments. In addition, we are investigating fabrication methods and process and characterization techniques for energy conversion materials to achieve our main research target.

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

N. Matsuki: The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

T. Sato: Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.

Current members
◯ Associate Professors: 1 ◯ Research Associates: 1
◯ Postgraduates: 2 ◯ Undergraduates: 15

Facilities:Precision current-voltage measurement system, spin-coater, vacuum deposition chamber