Seismic and Wind Resistance Structural Laboratory

Y. Zhao

Yan-Gang Zhao

Office: 12-36 Ext.: 3483


03/1996, Ph.D., Nagoya Institute of Technology

T. Saito

Takasuke Saito
(Assistant Professor)

Laboratory: 12-32 Ext.: 3490


03/2009, Ph.D., Hokkaido University  

Research Field

Structural Engineering, Structural Safety, Structural Reliability, Image Analysis, Structural Analysis.

Research Overview

We are mainly researching structural safety considering various uncertainties and risk potentials in loads and structural systems. Reliability engineering, statistical theory, and digital image analysis studies have been conducted to evaluate structural safety rationally and quantitatively.

Research Subjects

  • 1.Collapse analysis of structures.
  • 2.Seismic performance of concrete-filled steel tube (CFT) column.
  • 3.Statistical study of strong motion properties for seismic design.
  • 4.Seismic safety evaluation for structures.
  • 5.Optical full-field measurements for structural deformation.
  • 6.Finite element analysis of reinforced concrete frame structures.


  • 1.Collapse analysis of building structures Examining column over-design factors that affect the collapse probability of building structures when a large earthquake occurs (Figure 1).
  • 2.Seismic performance of CFT short columns Investigating benchmarks for CFT short columns considering the material and mechanical properties (Figure 2).
  • 3.Seismic safety evaluation for structural buildings Evaluating structural seismic reliability considering the uncertainties of parameters on structural analytical models.
  • 4.Optical full-field measurement of structural deformation Developing an optical measurement method based on image analysis for practical monitoring of deformation of structures with high accuracy (Figure 3).
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  • 2)Y. G. Zhao and Z. H. Lu, “Fourth-moment standardization for structural reliability assessment,” Journal of Structural Engineering, vol. 133(7), pp. 916–924 (2007).
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  • 4)T. Saito and Y. G. Zhao, “Optical full field measurement of concrete deformation using digital image correlation method,” Proceedings of the Japan Concrete Institute, vol. 36(2), 85–90 (2014).
Affiliated Academic Organizations

Y. Zhao:
Architectural Institute of Japan, American Society of Civil Engineers, Japanese Society of Steel Construction.

T. Saito:
Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Concrete Institute.

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◯ Postgraduates: 4 ◯ Undergraduates: 10