Urban Planning Laboratory

K. Yamaga

Kyoko Yamaga

Office: 8-66A Ext.: 3451


03/1992, Ph.D., The University of Tokyo

03/1984, M.S., The University of Tokyo

I. Cheong

Ilji Cheong
(Assistant Professor)

Laboratory: 8-66A Ext.: 3451


11/2012, Ph.D., The University of Tokyo

09/2007, M.S., The University of Tokyo

Research Field

Kyoko Yamaga, Architecture and Urban Planning.
Ilji Cheong, Urban Planning and Machizukuri.

Research Overview

Description of urban transformation and construction of an urban vision.

Research Subjects

    Construction of an urban vision in the "shrinking era", examination of the influence of information technology on architecture and urban space, research and design of urban facilities supported by communities, design of urban housing, investigation of "Machizukuri" using local resources, research into the sustainability of suburb housing areas.


We are proposing an urban vision of the near future through research and design projects. Since 2008, we have organized community support workshops in Omachi, Kamakura, Japan, and in Shirahatamukai-cho, Yokohama, Japan. We have created a disaster prevention map and board game through fieldwork with local residents about disaster prevention, and conducted workshops using the board game and a hand-held device (Fig. 1). We have proposed a community support method based on small neighborhood networks.
Since 2013, we have been promoting streetscape management support in Rokkakubashi shopping street in Yokohama, Japan. We made a streetscape handbook to share the area image and streetscape management workshops. Based on this handbook, we are designing a model shop. In addition, we are researching spatial transformation using measurements of buildings and interviews with shop managers.

Undergraduate subject of study

Disaster prevention information aimed at community support; making workshop support tools; community facility and resident recognition, and composition of roadside boundaries in suburbs; campus usability based on universal design; local resource extraction systems.

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  • 2)K. Yamaga, I. Cheong, “The features of the places found in Facebook 'Kamakurasan'” Architectural Institute of Japan, vol. 80, no. 710, pp. 923–931 (2015).
  • 3) I. Cheong, K. Yamaga, “Streetscape Management Based on Learning and Sharing Method : Streetscape Handbook in Rokkakubashi Neighborhood Shopping District in Yokohama”, The International Symposium on Urban Planning 2015 (Sejong).
Affiliated Academic Organizations

K. Yamaga: Architectural Institute of Japan, City Planning Institute of Japan
I. Cheong: Architectural Institute of Japan, City Planning Institute of Japan

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