Architectural History Laboratory

S. Uchida

Seizo Uchida

Office: 8-510 Ext: 3433


D.Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Y. Tsuda

Yoshiki Tsuda
(Assistant Professor)

Laboratory: 8-61A Ext: 3455


Ph.D., Kumamoto University

Research Field

History of Japanese Architecture, Modern Japanese Architecture, Japanese Housing, History of Traditional Chinese Housing, Japanese Shrines Built Outside Japan.

Research Subjects

  • 1. Historical buildings, houses, and architects.
  • 2. Preservation and restoration planning of buildings.
  • 3. Historical residential areas.
  • 4. Historical technological innovation.
  • 5. Folk houses and communities in historical documents.
  • 6. Historical sites of Japanese shrines built abroad.

Summary of Research Activities:

Seizo Uchida:
As part of my study on the history of modern Japanese architecture, I am conducting historical analysis of various buildings, such as houses, apartments, schools, and offices. My research interests also include architects with distinctive architectural practices and appropriate planning of residential and retreat areas. My work on Yokohama focuses on former foreign settlement districts, tracing the history of the city through its changing infrastructure, buildings and cityscapes. My study of the history of modern Japanese architecture extends to American architecture, in particular, its strong influence on and connections to Japanese architecture. Yoshiki Tsuda:
I have conducted historical research on communities and folk houses using documents and pictures. My publications include “Consideration of houses in Shitaru-area of Kamigata town by the old house register,” The Study of Non-written Cultural Materials, vol. 6, 2010, and “Tsushima waniura nimiru shurakutokaokuno jizokutohenyo [Continuities and changes in houses and communities in Waniura, Tsushima City]”


    S. Uchida:

  • 1)"Study on the Westernization of Japanese Homes during the Meiji Era and thereafter, as seen from the 'Entrance−space'". [History and Folk Customs]32, Collection of Essays of the Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture, Kanagawa University. pp.255-287(2016.2)
  • 2)"The Introduction and the Modernization of Western Interior", [The Illustrated History of Japanese Interior], written and edited by Kazuko Koizumi, published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, pp.102-116(2015.5)
  • 3)"Study on the Inheritance of Traditional Homes Culture, as seen in the Modernization of Homes", [The Adventures in Housing], published by Hobunsha. pp.102-116(2015.5)
  • 4)" Study on the 'SessinnRonnso', as Japan's first phase of housing controversy", the Association for the Preservation of the Kaji Mansion, Trust of Housing Heritage. pp.42-45(2014.10)
  • Y. Tsuda:

  • 1)Y. Tsuda, “Private homes in coastal villages of Jiangnan, China: The homes of Dongmen-dao in Xiangshan prefecture, Ningbo, Zhejiang province,” Journal of Architecture and Planning, vol. 625, pp. 685–688 (2008).
  • 2)Y. Tsuda, “Tsushima waniura nimiru shurakutokaokuno jizokutohenyou [Continuities and changes in houses and communities in Waniura, Tsushima City],” The Study of Non-Written Cultural Materials, vol. 7, pp. 231–256 (2011).
  • 3)Y. Tsuda, “From Taiwan Shrine to Taiwan Grand Shrine: A study on the progress and consequence of remodeling Taiwan Shrine in the Showa period,” The Study of Non-Written Cultural Materials, vol. 8, pp. 1–29 (2012).
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