Architecture and Urban Design Laboratory

M. Sogabe

Masashi Sogabe

Office: 8-63 Ext.: 3450


03/1988, M.Eng./M.Arch., Tokyo Institute of Technology

H. Yoshioka

Hiroyuki Yoshioka
(Assistant Professor)


03/2001, M.Eng./M.Arch., Nihon University

Research Field

Architectural Design.

Research Overview

    Investigating the applications of Architectural Design by studying real cities from new perspectives.

Research Subjects

    1. Design of architecture, public space, and landscape based on relationships between urban activities and cities.


Exploring new possibilities together
How do we relate to cities? We are studying the involvement in urban spaces through architectural design. We are using various methods, for instance, designing places for communication and creating innovative meeting spaces. We aim to use practical study methods and gain an original perspective free from conventional attitudes to make our work diverse. We expect students to participate these studies positively. In other words, our lab is not a place for learning established knowledge, it is a place for exploring new possibilities.  

  • 1)Publications. “MIKAN 2” ex-knowledge, 2007.
  • 2)Publications. “POST OFFICE-renovation plan for work space.” TOTO Publishing. 2006.
  • 3)Architecture. “Art factory in Takamatsu” Takamatsu Kagawa, 2013 (Sogabe Lab. + MIKAN + Shohei OKA).
  • 4)Architecture. “House T” Yashio Saitama, 2014 (Sogabe Lab. + Matidesign).
  • 5)Architecture. “Sun Road Regeneration Project” Kokura Fukuoka, In progress.
Affiliated Academic Organizations

M. Sogabe:
Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Institute of Architects, Architectural Design Association of Nippon.

H. Yoshioka:
Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Institute of Architects.

Current members
◯ Professors: 1 ◯ Assistant Professors: 1
◯ Postgraduates: 14 ◯ Undergraduates: 14