New Functional Structural Systems Laboratory

K. Shimazaki

Kazushi Shimazaki

Office: 12-35 Ext.: 3482


03/1995, Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Y. Shirai

Yuki Shirai
(Assistant Professor)

Laboratory: 12-15 Ext.: 3460


03/2016, Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Research Field

Building Engineering, Structural Systems.

Research Overview

Investigating reinforced concrete structures, seismic design methods, and new functional structural systems.

Research Subjects

  • 1.Safety performance of reinforced concrete structures.
  • 2.Damage control functional structural systems.
  • 3.Earthquake damage risk of existing reinforced concrete structures.


The goal of earthquake-resistant design in any country is to protect life in severe earthquakes by creating buildings with the strength and durability required to resist collapse. However, after a severe earthquake, such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the demands of building owners change; they want to be able to use the buildings again at a low repair cost. We are researching the resistance mechanism and displacement response of reinforced concrete buildings under severe earthquake motion, and damage levels in small to medium earthquakes. We are also investigating the effect of long-term deformation caused by shrinkage and temperature change on the earthquake-resistance performance of seismic isolation buildings. Moreover, we are researching new functional structural systems such as energy dissipative damage-controlled reinforced concrete structures and hybrid structures.

  • 1) K. Shimazaki, “Actual member tests of the existing RC building -Verifications on seismic strengthening of the existing RC building Part 2,” Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering, Transactions of AIJ, vol. 719, pp. 91–99 (2016) (in Japanese).
  • 2) K. Shimazaki, “Verifications on seismic strengthening of the existing RC building,” The 5th Asia Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Paper ID 23-013, Taiwan (2014).
  • 3) Kiyoka Kinoshita, Kazushi Shimazaki, et al. : Study on shear of post-tensioned connection between concrete and cast iron plate having shear-key, 8th ISEC, Paper ID St-141, Sydney, Australia, November (2015)
Affiliated Academic Organizations

K. Shimazaki : AIJ, JCI, ACI, JAEE, JSSI.
Y. Shirai : AIJ, JCI

Current members
◯ Professors: 1 ◯ Assistant Professors: 1
◯ Postgraduates: 3 ◯ Undergraduates: 11

Facilities: 1 MN dynamic loading system, 750 kN loading system, 10 kN one-direction vibration table.