Sustainable Building Structure Laboratory

M. Iwata

Mamoru Iwata

Office: 8-54 Ext.: 3430


03/1975, Dr. Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology

K. Koyano

Kazuhisa Koyano
(Research Associate)

Laboratory: 12-22 Ext.: 3471


03/2006, M.S., Kanagawa University

Research Field

Architectural Structural Design, Steel Building Structures, Sustainable Architecture.

Research Overview

  • 1) Study of systematized building structures,
  • 2) Study and design of sustainable building structures,
  • 3) Research and development of seismic devices,
  • 4) Study of sustainable architecture.

Research Subjects

    Sustainable building structure, steel structure reuse systems, composite steel-timber structures, buckling-restrained braces.


Long service life, reuse, and recycling are the three primary measures for reducing the environmental burden of construction. A sustainable building structure can extend the service life of the building. The damage-controlled structure we developed consists of columns, beams, and connections that contain a new type of buckling-restrained knee brace. Only the buckling-restrained knee braces absorb seismic energy, preventing damage to the columns and beams. Buckling-restrained braces are a central research area in our laboratory, and Prof. Iwata has developed an excellent buckling-restrained brace that enables increased design freedom and strict quality control. A reuse system for steel building structures can reduce their environmental burden. The reuse system is an overall business system to achieve a cyclic reuse flow through design, fabrication, construction, maintenance, demolition, and storage. For structural members to circulate as reusable members in the distribution system, a venous industry must be established. There is also an urgent need for building structures that use as much timber as possible to contribute to reforestation. However, timber is too weak to use in multistory buildings. Therefore, we are developing a composite steel-timber structure.

  • 1)M. Iwata and M. Murai, “Buckling-restrained brace using steel mortar planks,” EESD, vol. 35, 1807–1826 (2006).
  • 2)M. Iwata and M. Fujita, “A damage-controlled structure using buckling-restrained knee braces,” SEI, vol. 21, 462–470 (2011).
Affiliated Academic Organizations

M. Iwata:
Architectural Institute of Japan, Japanese Society of Steel Construction and Japan Structural Consultants Association.

K. Koyano:
Architectural Institute of Japan.

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