Architectural Design Laboratory


Toshiaki Ishida

Office: 8-68A Ext.: 3453


03/1973, Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Research Field

Architectural Design, Architecture design, Urban Planning and Machizukuri

Research Overview

Study of city center vitalization in local cities. Investigating a design approach to suitable environments for urban dwelling. Researching historical architecture and examining its revitalization and reuse.

Research Subjects

  • 1.Revitalization and reuse of the former Ohtake family’s historical brick warehouse “Maebashi Model” for vitalization of Maebashi city center.
  • 2.Development of indoor solid displays combining foliage plants and fruit-bearing plants.


Towns consist of groups of heterogeneous things, such as people, objects, buildings, and natural elements. The way the groups of things are arranged is determined by the relation between the sense of distance, size, and materials. Approaches to making spaces more comfortable should be defined by observing objects and events as well as considering their relationships. The landscapes and spaces that surround us every day are filled with tips for design. As Confucius once said, "Study the past, if you would divine the future". Thus, it is important to use historical buildings and streetscapes within contemporary architectural design.

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Affiliated Academic Organizations

Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Institute of Architects, Tokyo architect Association.

Current members
◯ Assistant Professors: 1
◯ Undergraduates: 13