Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


Manabu Igawa

Office: 23-814 Ext.:3880


03/1978, Dr. Eng., The University of Tokyo

Research Field

Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

Research Overview

Investigating the chemistry of acid deposition and membrane separation chemistry.

Research Subjects

  • 1.Analyzing the chemistry of acid deposition and the environmental effects of acid fog, rain, mist, dew, aerosols, and gas.
  • 2. Development of permselective membrane systems.


Chemistry of acid deposition.

Membrane separation chemistry.

We have been measuring acid fog on Mt. Oyama in the Tanzawa mountains, Japan, since 1988. Acid fog contains many air pollutants and has a low pH (Fig. 1). Acid fog causes forest decline because it is deposited on the leaves in the canopies of mountains. We have also investigated the chemistry of aerosols, trace acid gases, mist, and rain in Yokohama, Japan.

We have investigated membrane chemistry, focusing on developing selective permeable membrane systems. Hydrophobic solutes are selectively transported across a hydrophobic membrane, and amino acids are transported selectively depending on their charges across ion exchange membranes. Recently, we have begun the research on the electrokinetic remediation of the soil contaminated with radioactive cesium.

  • 1)“Air pollutant deposition at declining forest sites of the Tanzawa Mountains, Japan”, Atmospheric Research, 151, 93-100 (2015).
  • 2)“Selective Transport of Mercury(II) Ions across Supported Liquid Membrane with Thymine Derivative as Carrier”, Chem. Lett., 44, 1732-1734 (2015).
  • 3)“Effect of Interfacial Curvature on Marangoni Instability at Water-Oil Interface “, Chem. Lett., 44, 1530-1531 (2015).
Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Chemical Society of Japan, American Chemical Society, Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment, Japan Society of Ion Exchange, The Society of Sea Water Science, Japan, Society of Environmental Science, Japan.

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◯ Postgraduates: 1 ◯ Undergraduates: 11

Facilities: Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high-performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, ion chromatograph, total organic carbon analyzer.